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Button Up Your Messaging

As a communications professional, every day I get broadcast emails from around the country that promote use of the web in professional services marketing. So many offers to sit in on webinars, podcasts and other on-line teach-ins, my head spins. Many of the entities sending these invites add the word “university” to lend some lofty credibility to their content.

All this noise raises a question in my mind. Is it wise to jump into the social media pool without auditing your firm’s current communications status? I believe the answer is no.

Although there is value in understanding how to use social media and other tactics in professional services marketing, I am certain that this is not the place to start.

Frame Before Building Your Social Media Presence

If someone handed you a box of nails and asked you to start framing a house, you would not dream of starting without having the blueprints.

Before you or your firm begins a social media push, whether it be blogging or twittering, please consider buttoning up your firm’s messaging. Better yet, take a step back and consider the identity of your firm or organization and the ways you are communicating your identity.

If you have a great web presence and a clear identity, jump in with solid, informative content. If you have not taken an inventory of your communications and how your publics are receiving your message, get this done first.

Does your firm have a clear, well-stated identity?
Do you have integrated communications or is your identity flailing and unclear?
Who are your audiences?
What are your long terms goals and practice area strengths?
Where are the points of expansion?

These are just some of the questions to ask before jumping into the social media mix. Taking the time to go through some preliminaries will make your social media effort more effective and purposeful.

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