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Digital Marketing Boom for Law Firms

Just imagine the back room operations of a major law firm. You know the place where only the few and the brave venture? The place where paper once reigned and the Iron Mountain truck pulled up regularly? That place?

Things are changing, even for our profession. Even for us, the late adopters. The ones who come last to the tech table — especially in Gen Law Boomer.

Well, welcome to the digital conference room.

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday on the significant investment many law firms are making in digital marketing. Law firms and lawyers are catching on to the use of digital marketing for everything from making it easier for clients to find them and create communities of interest.

The WSJ reports that social media has been used effectively to bring in clients needing representation in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster. It is also being used to reach potential clients who may have been harmed by allegedly defective pharmaceuticals.

Inventing on line communities will likely become more important to law firm marketing efforts. But the good news is, even small and solo firms can play in the somewhat level playing field, aka the web.

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